About Us

Back Bay Danes is located in Orange County California where the climate is 
easy, but the standards are high. Our family loves all animals, especially 
dogs, and we are absolutely hooked on Great Danes. These gentle giants are 
more like people than dogs and yes they think they are small enough to be 
lap dogs, bed pillows, and couch potatoes.

We chose the Great Dane breed for their gentle demeanor, intelligence,
short hair, impressive stature and huggability factor. Little did we anticipate what clowns our Danes would be. They never cease to entertain us 
with their new discoveries and antics. Every member of our family has a 
special bond with both dogs. I love that Danes are a family oriented breed that 
attaches to each person.

After months of research and surfing Dane litter boxes we decided on the look and background of the line we chose to start with. We liked the standard conformation of this line 
and were particularly impressed with their outstanding masks, head set,
necks, coats and overall structure. The summer of 2011, “Mandy” arrived  and a few months later our stud dog, Gunner, joined our happy family.  
Both Mandy and Gunner have filled our house with warmth, puppy breath,
laughter, and unforgettable memories. We have learned, and continue to learn 
about the conformation show ring competition, the background of this amazing breed, and 
the right practices to improve the breed going forward.

Our goal is to share the love of Danes with others and pay it forward to future Dane owners. We would like to extend a special thanks to Shannon Wall for all 
her time taping ears and sharing her vast knowledge and friendship. We have 
been blessed beyond measure by her mentoring. Additionally we would like to 
thank our handler Dick Schaefer, and our breeder Ron Katarzynski.  We will update this site when we have a litter on the ground and pups available.  

You can find additional photos and a community of Dane friends on Facebook.


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